At CJC Management we pride ourselves on our attention to detail; precision and quality control. These traits underpin the various services we provide, and we work in partnership with a variety of delivery agencies to provide technical reviews at various project stages.

Engaging the expertise of the CJC team in these reviews assists in the resolution of any complex engineering issues and facilitates an improved end product.

Examples include:

  • Constructability assessment for Airport East Precinct Upgrade for RMS
  • Review of launching gantry operations for the erection of pre-cast elements for the Sydney Metro – Northwest for Transport for NSW (TfNSW)
  • Review of D&C contractor methods and program as part of Construction Manager role on WestConnex 1A and 1B for SMC
  • Investigation of anchor block failures and post-tensioning systems for Tsuen Mun Chek Lap Kok Crossing, in Hong Kong
  • Review of launching gantry operations for erection of pre-cast elements for WestConnex 1A (for SMC)
  • Constructability review for the erection of a 25m high steel tower for cable stayed bridge over Windsor Road for Sydney Metro NorthWest, for TfNSW
  • Gateway Review (Stages 3 and 4) for Northern Beaches Hospital Supporting Roadworks, for TfNSW.
  • Gateway Review (Stages 3 and 4) for Alfords Point Road upgrade, for TfNSW.

CJC staff are well equipped to provide operational analysis across a range of different projects. An operational analysis is vital to ensure continuous improvement in the operational process of any project and surety in project delivery. Key projects that the CJC team have partnered on include:

  • Provision of operational oversight of viaduct construction at WestConnex 1A, for SMC
  • Provision of advice and operational oversight of pre-casting operations and heavy lift construction for Sydney Metro NorthWest, for TfNSW
  • Review of construction contractor’s Quality Management System and Independent Certifier’s operations for WestConnex Stages 1A and 1B.

CJC values safety in the highest regard, all CJC staff are highly experienced in risk management, from preparation of risk assessments to reviewing the implementation of risk controls.

Given our experience working with both clients and contractors, CJC personnel have an informed perspective of risk as it relates to all parties involved in the delivery of a project. We also offer experience in risk workshop facilitation.

Our expertise ensures that project risks to all parties are identified and controlled.

CJC staff are regularly engaged to provide expert engineering advice on large scale infrastructure projects. With significant experience and expertise CJC team’s advice assists delivery agencies with the successful completion of complex engineering projects. Our current engagements include:

  • Constructability review on Sydney Harbour Bridge, Southern Cycleway Extension
  • Provision of quality management expertise for WestConnex 1B
  • Construction management expertise for WestConnex 1A and 1B
  • Expert review of steel fabrication and erection for the large span steel bridge for WestConnex 1B
  • Expert review of steel fabrication and erection of 25m high steel towers for Sydney Metro NorthWest
  • Constructability assessment of Western Harbour Tunnel and Beaches Link
  • Constructability assessment of F6 Extension Stage 1

Across the delivery of large scale projects in the roles of construction contractors, client representatives and independent certifiers the CJC team have a strong track record and a wealth of experience. Recent roles, that include much of our core team, include:

  • Construction Manager for WestConnex Stages 1A and 1B (on behalf of SMC). Colin Calder undertook this role.
  • Craig Stoddart and Ayman Sayegh were Quality Managers for WestConnex Stages 1A and 1B (on behalf of SMC)
  • Sydney Metro NorthWest – CJC supplied key staff in strategic roles including the Construction and Quality Managers (Alan Irving and George Jedelsky) as well as Jonathan Davies in the role of Project Manager

Featured Work

  • Sydney Metro NorthWest
    Sydney Metro NorthWest
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  • Gateway Upgrade Project, Brisbane
    Gateway Upgrade Project, Brisbane
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  • Hunter Express, Hunter Valley
    Hunter Express, Hunter Valley
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  • Western Harbour Tunnel and Beaches Link
    Western Harbour Tunnel and Beaches Link
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Sydney Metro NorthWest

Sydney Metro NorthWest is one of our showcase projects and CJC’s Director and Founder, Colin Calder, played a key role that has direct relevance to the services sought by the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development.

Colin’s role was to support the Transport for NSW delivery team with expert and ongoing advice on:

  • The use of erection gantries and other heavy lifting equipment for the pre-cast segments for the rail viaduct
  • Design and construction issues that emerged during the project
  • The manufacture, transport, erection and stressing of pre-cast viaduct segments
  • Rectification of quality issues identified during construction.

As a result of the value derived from these services provided by Colin, CJC’s role was expanded and three additional personnel were engaged to provide greater rigour and oversight to the construction process, including advising on construction methods and safety.

Personnel engaged with Colin included Jonathan Davies, Ian Barringham and Graham Ryan.

Expert advice provided by the expanded CJC team included:

  • Pre-casting operations
  • Precast segment transport and erection
  • Commissioning and operation of erecting gantry
  • Complex post-stressing safe system of works (erection and stressing)
  • Fabrication and erection of large steel towers

Key benefits and outcomes of our work included an improvement in construction processes and greater confidence in the delivered product.

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Gateway Upgrade Project, Brisbane

The Gateway Upgrade Project is the largest bridge and road project in Queensland’s history. The project included the construction of pre-cast segmental and cast in-situ balance cantilever bridges. It was delivered by an Alliance that included VSL Australia.

CJC personnel, Jonathan Davies, were engaged by VSL for this project. Jonathan was the Project Manager for the erection of deck segments using cranes and launching gantry.

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Hunter Express, Hunter Valley

The Hunter Expressway involved the construction of a four lane freeway link between the M1 Pacific motorway, near Seahampton, and the New England Highway, west of Branxton. The project was delivered by an alliance that included VSL Australia and included construction of three large pre-cast segmental bridges.

Colin Calder was engaged as Project Manager and his role included the preparation of the methodology for the erection of pre-cast segments and columns by launching gantry, programming, procurement and budget.

Jonathan Davies was engaged as the Construction Manager for the pre-cast segmental bridges. Jonathan’s role included management of the segmental element pre-casting, erection and stressing for the three large bridges.

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Western Harbour Tunnel and Beaches Link

The Western Harbour Tunnel will connect to WestConnex at the Rozelle Interchange, cross under Sydney Harbour between the Birchgrove and Waverton areas and connect with the Warringah Freeway at North Sydney.  As part of the project, the Warringah Freeway Upgrade will make the road safer and more efficient.

Beaches Link is a tunnel which will connect to the Warringah Freeway, cross under Middle Harbour connecting with the Burnt Bridge Creek Deviation at Balgowlah and the Wakehurst Parkway. The Wakehurst Parkway will be upgraded to two lanes each way between Seaforth and Frenchs Forest.

CJC Principal Craig Stoddart has been engaged to provide constructability assessment for the development of the Reference Design for surface and structures works.  This involves working closely with the RMS Project Team to develop the design and input into cost estimates, programmes, risk assessments and the environmental impact statement.

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A highly experienced and knowledgeable team with global expertise on some of the world’s most challenging infrastructure projects. We are proud of our reputation for excellence in planning, operations, delivery and client satisfaction. Our engineering project experience and advice is highly sought after across both government and commercial sectors.

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