3 September 2021

5 Ways We Ensure A Productive Working Culture

As a trusted Project Management team, we work closely with our clients to provide oversight and control of major infrastructure and building projects across the globe.

Our highly experienced team has developed their competencies on some of the world’s largest and most challenging infrastructure projects. The team's wide range of experience and advice is regularly sought after by government agencies, commercial operators and design consultancies

So how do keep our team productive?

Staying connected plays a significant role in our productivity as a whole. We are proud of our efforts and initiatives in making every team member feel engaged and motivated. Here are five aspects we focus on to maintain this.

1. Mental wellbeing
Promoting a healthy work/life balance help employees achieve great goals. We have partnered with credible resources such as Acacia Employee Assistance Program which enables our team to access free counselling session to support their mental wellbeing.

2. Empowerment
A small but powerful incentive we recently started. Each week, we share a 'Wins of the week' to celebrate a team member's achievement, be it big or small!

3. Inclusivity
No matter what background, age, or gender. We promote this through a special welcome session internally so everyone can get acquainted, even remotely. We also encourage our team members to celebrate a special national holiday that is important to each individual.

4. Create a fun atmosphere
Every day throughout lockdown, we engage in a fun trivia quiz to get to know every one of our employees better hosted by State Manager Sarah Stante. This has successfully boosted our company's morale and maintained a strong bond between each member.

5. Encourage learning
Setting a great example is reflected through the opportunities that we set for undergraduates and graduates to be able to take on learning experiences with our senior employees. We offer traineeships and mentorships for all our employees to encourage their personal and professional growth.

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