Our Team

Colin Calder

Managing Director CJC Management / Project Manager

Jonathan Davies

Project Manager

Joseph Griffin

Managing Director CJC Commercial

Paul Callender

Managing Director CJC Rail & Program Services

Rod Jeffrey

Southern Region Manager

Michael Eager

General Manager – CJC Airports

Daniel Taylor

Director CJC Regional/Senior Project Manager

Jason Moore


Craig Stoddart

Principal CJC Management / Project Manager

Graham Nuss

Director CJC Regional

Craig Murray

Head of Engineering

Florian Dieterlie

Principal Engineer

Peter Brown

Senior Project Engineer

John Henderson

Marine Civil Engineer

Sarah Stante

State Manager NSW / Project Manager

Quoc Phuong

Principal Engineer

Rachael Oertel

Project Engineer

Stephenson Chau

Senior Project Engineer

Florian Wagner

Senior Project Engineer

Wei Jing

Project Manager

Mandy Zhang

Accounts Specialist

Drew Bradley

Project and Tunnelling Director

Patrick Deed

Project Manager