CJC Management

Rachael Ings
Project Engineer

Rachael is a talented, resourceful and committed Civil and Structural Engineer with almost five years in the industry fulfilling roles in Client and Contractor Companies. Rachael’s responsibilities have included the delivery of a scope of works as part of a multi-billion-dollar...
Construction Delivery, Constructability Assessments, Planning and Programming, Safety, Environmental and Quality Assessments
Florian Wagner
Senior Project Engineer

Florian Wagner is a highly qualified structural & civil engineer with more than 10 years professional experience working on complex large-scale construction infrastructure projects in Australia. Areas of expertise include bridge construction, structural and temporary design emphasising method engineering, project...
Viaduct, Post-Tensioning Bridge and Heavy Lifting Construction Methods, Design Project Management, Constructability Assessments, Reviewing Construction Feasibility, Construction Staging, Planning and Organising, Problem Solving, Decision Making, Project Management
Stephenson Chau
Senior Project Engineer

Stephenson Chau has over ten years’ experience as a civil engineer on a range of major road and rail infrastructure projects. His engineering roles in these projects of has included project management of Tier 1 and Mid-Tier Contractors.  His key...
Construction Management, Design Management, Contract Administration, Safety and Risk management, Quality Management
Colin Calder

Colin Calder is an experienced civil engineer with over 26 years’ experience in Senior Management roles and/or Project Management on motorway, bridge, rail and tunneling projects. During his career, he has led delivery of major construction projects in Australia, Hong...
Major Project Planning, Execution and Completion, Negotiation, Cross Cultural Team Management, Budget Management, Project and Team Turnarounds, Major Project completion
Craig Stoddart

Craig Stoddart brings to CJC Management over twenty years’ experience as a civil engineer on a range of projects. These include road, bridge, tunnel, marine, industrial, commercial and development projects. Craig’s key skills are constructability assessments, direct management of construction...
Constructability assessment, Direct management of construction activities, Design management, Contract administration, Independent verification,  Systems management, Consulting, Auditing
Ben Nugteren
Principal Engineer

Ben Nugteren is a level headed Technical Manager with over 11 years of experience in structural and civil engineering projects. He has structural design experience in concrete structures, including bridge and retaining wall design, along with design of a new...
Concrete Structures, Bridge and Retaining Wall Design, Design of Railway Station Concourse, Structural Steel Design, Portal Buildings, Overhead Wiring Structures, Road Sign Structures
Ayman Sayegh
Senior Project Engineer

Ayman Sayegh is an experienced engineer with almost 12 years' experience in Quality Assurance Management, Independent Verification and Construction Phase Services of design and construct infrastructure projects. He has dealt with the coordination of design, RFIs and NCRs and worked...
Quality Assurance Management, Independent Verification, Construction Phase Services, Site Supervision, Production of Defects Lists for Completion, Review of Drawings, Preparation of Claims and Certification
Quoc Phuong
Senior Project Engineer

Quoc Phuong, born and bred in Sydney, Australia, brings over ten years’ experience as a civil engineer on major NSW road and rail infrastructure projects. His key skills include management of Tier 1 Contractor construction activities, construction, design management, contract...
Management of Tier 1 Contractor Construction Activities, Construction, Design Management, Contract Administration and Constructability Advice