Program Services

Program Services

CJC Program Services works in close partnership with our
clients to support them in the delivery of challenging solutions.

Using a collaborative approach we leverage the talents and
insights of our experts and all project participants through a
structured process ensuring the benefits and outcomes are

CJC operate through all phases from concept to design and
construction, through to operations and eventual disposal.
We strive to exceed expectations in all of the services we provide.

Our well-established and proven project and quality
management systems suit the specific requirements of our clients
and their projects. We engage our mega project and program
management teams when there is a requirement for
simultaneous delivery of multiple, inter-related projects that
share resources; to provide benefits for the client that would not
be attainable if the projects were managed separately.

Program & Project Governance

Program and Project Delivery

Digital Engineering

Stakeholder Management

PMO Establishment

Maturity Assessments

Program Initiation and Rapid Start-up

Program & Project Management