29 October 2021

CJC Places Importance On Mental Wellbeing Month

At CJC we are committed to creating a safe and healthy workplace for all our employees.

In October 2021, our company dedicated special time and encouraged all our team members to focus on mental health and wellbeing even further. Particularly with the global pandemic and our teams who are based in New South Wales having to work remotely due to the current lockdown in place by the government.

Our month-long initiative included live webinars, step challenges, card gifting and more. Awareness will help change these numbers.

We started off the month through a virtual webinar with R U OK? Ambassador, Kate Taylor. Kate spoke candidly about her personal journey battling with mental health issues and how every one of us can help change a life by starting a conversation with those around us. We also received a care package in the mail with a personal note from the company.

One of the hardest challenges of working from home is to get our step counts up. This inspired us to create a company-wide Step Challenge with Florian Dieterle winning at the end of the week with an impressive total of 181,626 steps!

We also hosted our very first Virtual Trivial Night with everyone from our global offices joining online. It was a really special time for us to be able to get together despite the restrictions.

To further support our team members, CJC has partnered with Acacia Connections to provide Employee Assistance Programs. This enables our teams to access free counseling sessions to support their needs.

We wrapped up the month on a high by raising a total of $726 on our company's R U OK? fundraising page. To us, this month is just the beginning. We pledge to continue to do the work by prioritizing safety, mental health, and wellbeing of our team members, always.

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