25 November 2021

How Peter Brown Thrives From His Early Mistakes

The road to success is not always linear, but Senior Project Engineer & Design Manager, Peter Brown learned how to grow and thrive from them.

Peter has been working in the field for the last ten years and is a truly valuable member of CJC. Hailing from the UK, Peter has been with CJC for almost two years now.

Peter worked on Walton Bridge as part of his very first project. It was indeed a significant experience, being on the field, the solid teamwork from AM to PM, seeing your works come to life, and nothing beats the feeling of seeing other people coming in when the bridge finally opened.

"The important thing was to recognise the error, appreciate that it's your mistake, but that you're probably the best person to resolve it." says Peter

In this video, Peter looked back at some of the early mistakes he made when he first started his career and how he managed to bounce back.

Watch this video to hear his full story:

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