21 February 2022

CJC Expands Global Engineering Expertise With Houston Office

CJC has officially opened an office to service North America in Houston, Texas, marking a major milestone in the company’s global growth strategy. The Texas-based office is the sixth global location connecting Australia, New Zealand, The United Kingdom, Spain and Brazil.

Located in the heart of Houston, this expansion will broaden opportunities for our company to connect with more people and provide the stellar service we are known for.

Throughout the company’s history, our company has navigated the landscape of the design, construction and maintenance of bridges, tunnels, marine and offshore and other heavy engineering construction projects.

The new headquarters will focus on providing focus in Structural, Constructability, Commercial and Marine expertise, we offer pragmatic, robust, and reliable construction solutions on major projects across the civil & structural construction sector.

With construction and engineering needs becoming increasingly more complex, operating globally allows our team from all over the world to combine their experience and skills when working together on projects which accelerates the delivery of effective solutions in the most optimal timeframe.

Through this expansion we will be working with new and existing partners in the US & Canada and extend our enviable track record of successful projects in Australia and the UK to North America.

Above all, we will continue our long-standing commitment to advance and offer the best solutions and outcomes created by our highly experienced Team.

We look forward to exciting things to come with this expansion.

If you would like to learn more about CaSE and our capabilities, please get in touch with Richard Lamb:

2700 Post Oak Blvd, Galleria Office Tower I, Houston, TX 77056

+1 713 478 4038

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