18 March 2022

Paul Rubsov Joins CJC Airports Team

CJC welcomes Paul Rubsov who has recently joined our Airports team as Principal Technical Lead.

In his last role at Sydney Airport, Paul was the Technical Manager of Infrastructure and Services. After 15 years at the Airport, Paul believes it was time for him to take on a new challenge. Leveraging off the experience and contacts he had established whilst also drawing on his consulting and design background.

Paul Rubsov Principal Technical lead

What is the most significant project you have worked on?

I was the Project Facilitator for the Airport East/ Westconnex enabling project. This was an RMS/John Holland project that extended Wentworth Avenue to Mascot Road through Airport property east of the cross runway.

I ensured the project was delivered to the requirements and in the best interest of the Airport. I took into consideration the impact on aviation operations, the impact on adjacent environmentally sensitive wetlands and ensured everything was compliant with Airport regulations and stakeholder requirements.

If you had to choose 1 dish for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Probably a Vietnamese vegetarian rice noodle salad (Bun Chay). It's light, healthy and delicious!

We're glad to have you as part of the team, Paul!

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