22 May 2022

Celebrating Our Journey: A Decade of CJC

From an industrious team of 3 to over 50 employees working on notable projects worldwide, this has definitely been an exciting decade for CJC.

An achievement that is only possible because of the incredible effort of our team and the continuing support of our clients and everyone involved.

2011: The Idea

Founder, Colin Calder spends his time travelling the world for his work. His career in Civil Engineering started almost 30 years ago. He left Scotland in 1995 to start work in Hong Kong where his passion for working overseas began. During this time of his career, he met some incredibly talented people and worked on many challenging and interesting projects. The camaraderie and working experience on-site gave Colin the idea to start his own company, CJC Management.

2014: It started with one.

Colin is representing CJC on his own on WestConnex 1A tender Assessment in Sydney. CJC remains a one-man operation at this stage, but this will not stay the same for long.

2015: Great friends to great colleagues.

Craig Stoddart, Jonathan Davies, Colin Calder

CJC is engaged to assist in the Northwest Rail project in Sydney. Colin reaches out to his old colleagues, Jonathan Davies from the UK and Craig Stoddart who's already based in Sydney. With their vision aligned, the team of 3 moved into their first office in Chifley Towers in Sydney. 

2017: Extending services.

The development of projects like WestConnex 1A and 1B allows CJC to further expand its range of services. This includes constructability, technical analysis and strategic advice in the design, delivery, and management of projects.

2018: Notable projects.

Over the next 2 years, CJC was engaged in notable projects such as Sydney Metro, Western Harbour Tunnel, and Osbourne Naval Shipyard in Adelaide which reinforced its presence in the industry.

2019: Growing our network.

We host our clients at Melbourne Cup, which remains a key event for CJC to this day. We attend awards and present at conferences as the company continues to develop new business opportunities.

2021: Taking opportunities.

We opened offices in Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Wollongong, solidifying our position across the country. Through an increasing demand for commercial advice on our projects, we took the opportunity to formalise this by creating CJC Commercial.

2022: Global expansion.

From humble beginnings, CJC now employs over 50 people globally and continues to grow, with the recent opening of our offices in the US and the Middle East.

Our Achievements are made possible with the incredible effort of our team and the continuing support of our clients and everyone involved.

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