5 June 2022

What Makes a Good Engineer?

The word 'engineer' can define more than a professional title.

We asked our team members Robert Koch, Rachael Oertel, and Stephenson Chau the attributes that contribute to a good engineer. There are many great qualities that contribute to being good at your profession as an engineer, from being able to think strategically, work collaboratively, responsibility and
having strong technical skills.

Let's hear what our team members think about this!

Robert Koch, Principal (Structures)

robert koch

"An engineer is a person who has the knowledge and skill to change the world in meaningful and positive ways through understanding and harnessing nature for the betterment of society.

A good engineer has a responsible, caring and concerned attitude, a committed understanding of his or her obligations to a client, society and the environment, and acts with integrity and purpose."

Rachael Oertel, Project Engineer

"An engineer certainly requires technical skills for the day-to-day tasks, but it is the soft skills that are often under-valued but essential for progression in this field of work.

How good an engineer’s soft skills are will influence how well that person can work or interact with others, determine that person’s dependability and emotional intelligence, and determine how well they can manage teams."

Stephenson Chau, Senior Project Engineer

"I think what makes a good engineer is their ability to think strategically, systematically and applying the thoughts to real life scenario. Also to apply theoretical knowledge to solve physical issues."

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