Australia Avenue & Homebush Bay Drive Intersection Upgrade

Project lifecycle

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Transport for NSW (TfNSW) is proposing to upgrade the intersection of Australia Avenue, Homebush Bay Drive and Underwood Road. This roundabout is one of the four gateway intersections providing access between the arterial road network and the Sydney Olympic Park precinct.  

CJC Role

CJC Management was initially engaged by Transport for NSW (TfNSW) to undertake a constructability assessment of four proposed options at the strategic design stage. The four options were two tunnel underpass upgrades, a signalised intersection at-grade upgrade and a diverging diamond at-grade upgrade. The scope of the assessment included preparing staging drawings, developing a construction method statement (CMS), undertaking a utilities impact assessment, presenting the outcomes of the assessment at a constructability options workshop, and preparing a report to record the outcomes of the options assessment. 

CJC was then engaged to undertake an options assessment of twelve options, including those four options from the original options assessment. The scope included the development of an options matrix and facilitation of a constructability and health and safety in design (HSiD) workshop.  

The idea of relocating an existing Homebush Bay Drive pier was proposed to TfNSW. CJC undertook a feasibility assessment of the pier relocation, including the development of mark-up drawings for TfNSW Bridge Branch.  

CJC presented as a Constructability Subject Matter Expert at Value Management Workshops in determining the chosen Diverging Diamond Interchange design out three finalised options.  

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