Cambridge Airport Pavement Inspections

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Cambridge Airport was the site of Hobart’s original and facilitates General Aviation and Charter flights. Over the past few years TAS Fire Services have used the aerodrome as a base for operating fire fighting aircraft (rotor and fixed wing) which has resulted in moderate damage to some of the pavements.

As such, the aerodrome required a subject matter expert to undertake an assessment of the damage to the pavements and provide advise on the likely cause and extent, which would then be used to scope a package of repair works to improve safety on the aerodrome

CJC Role

CJC Airport team was engaged to undertake a site visit to Cambridge Aerodrome, Tasmania for the purpose of conducting a visual condition assessment. As part of the project scope, we provided a written report which identifies extent and severity of damage to airfield pavements and advise on likely cause of the damage. A government grant submission for part of the cost for the repair works was to be applied for by the aerodrome using our report as supporting evidence.

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