Newell Highway Pilliga Widening

Project lifecycle

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The NSW Government has committed $8.8 million to develop design concepts for the widening of the Newell Highway between Coonabarabran and Narrabri through the Pilliga – known as the Pilliga Widening project. This project will ultimately reduce travel times, improve journey reliability and improve safety along the Newell Highway for road users.

CJC role

CJC was engaged to provide constructability services in accordance with the PS Specifications. Specifically for Value Management which includes attendance and input into the 20% and 80% design value management workshops. Constructability which is a facilitation of a 20% and 80% design constructability workshops and the preparation of report following each session. This includes a site inspection and the preparation of detailed construction staging drawings/traffic sections at for both design phases. Additionally CJC will also provide a constructability review of the ARUP 20% and 80% design drawing set and produce a high level construction program. A Construction Staging Strategy Report will also be prepared to summarise the above items and findings.

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