Stockton Bridge Half Joint Rehabilitation

Project lifecycle

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Stockton Bridge is located over the north arm of the Hunter River, near Newcastle in NSW. Built in 1971, it is a concrete box girder bridge with an overall length of 1,023m. In 2007, the bearings were replaced in the two half-joints and monitoring of the structure has continued since.

From 2016, a design solution for strengthening the half joints was developed. This resulted in a detailed design solution of steel plates being bonded to the concrete. The expected completion of these work is in 2021.

CJC role

CJC was engaged to review the constructability of this design solution and conduct a Constructability and Health and Safety in Design (HSiD) Workshop. This included assessing the methodology chosen to complete the work which requires access underneath the bridge.

CJC was also engaged to undertake a reference design for the access system of a suspended platform and provide advice to TfNSW on the platform procurement.