Sydney Yard Access Bridge

Project lifecycle

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The Sydney Yard Access Bridge project was the first early and enabling works package of the NSW Government’s Sydney Metro City & Southwest project.

The 130m long bridge crosses five intercity lines that had never been closed under a single possession. While a full closure was planned, the main girders and cross girders were installed within the 54-hour possession window.

CJC role

Sydney Metro recognised the significant risks during the proposed possessions, when erection of the bridge was planned over the intercity railway lines. CJC was engaged during the construction phase to provide a peer review of the construction methodology and associated temporary works required to erect the bridge. In addition, our team provided on-site supervision and support for Sydney Metro during possessions.

CJC worked collaboratively with Sydney Metro and Laing O Rourke to review all drawings, methodology and program, providing advice on risk mitigation measures while making suggestions to improve the possession program. CJC also visited the fabrication workshop during trial assembly and provided technical advice to Sydney Metro regarding the 130m long bridge.