20 October 2021

CJC Recognised as Employer of Choice Finalist for Business NSW Awards 2021

We recently received recognition from the Business NSW Awards 2021 as a Regional Finalist of the Employer of Choice award. 

This is a great achievement for us as a company as it means we are being acknowledged for having implemented strategies and initiatives that create stimulating and supportive workplace environments to maximise the full potential of our workforce. 

Since day one, we have continuously worked to create a place where our employees can expand their skills. Therefore, it is exceptionally exciting for us to receive two other finalist award for our employees, Peter Brown and Lies Desaer with a well-deserved position for the Young Business Leader award. 

Here’s a recap on what our business have done over the past 12 months. 

Accessible traineeship program 

We encourage our employees to progress their career opportunities by giving them the opportunity to develop their skills and careers through further education. We offer performance development planning, career paths, and internal and external training opportunities. An example of this is our traineeship program, in which some of our employees can request to undertake a traineeship within their employment, to upskill in an area of interest.  

With the digital age and accessibility of information and learning, the job market has become a competitive field. Having the relevant and updated skills and knowledge gives anyone the advantage in landing jobs and promotions. Taking an active role in our employees’ professional development will be one of the keys in continuously growing their career and ultimately in achieving success.  

Implemented a new HR platform 

We wish to ensure our team is comfortable in their work environment putting employee wellbeing first, this can be corroborated by our new HR platform called Sentrient. This platform allows direct access for the employee for leave, incidents, all our policies and procedures and more importantly more than 20 courses for them to do online. These are listed on the website but include anything from WHS, to wellbeing, to COVID, to ergonomics at home. It has been a gamechanger for our company as it grows. 

Continuous fight for inclusivity 

In our business, communication is key, and we recognise the need for inclusive practices and the needs of a diverse community through our yearly events and HR policies. The engineering industry remains a heavily male-dominated industry, which is why equality and diversity in the workplace are values that we strive for every day. By creating opportunities and having open conversations that help women continue to shape the world (especially the STEM industry), CJC is determined to close this gap.  

We believe the current generation of Managers and Engineers' responsibility is to break down the barriers preventing women excelling in the Construction Industry, among many other things we do this by creating an inclusive workspace. We are continuously working on changes within our Group. CJC is encouraging young women to look at Engineering as a career that offers more opportunities and challenges than any other vocation, which inspires them to get involved and lead from the front.  

This award is truly a humbling reminder for all the hard work we have put into our teams and a great motivation for us as a company to keep growing and striving. 

Thank you and congratulations to all the fellow finalists and winners! 

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