19 July 2023

Celebrating International Women in Engineering Day

Promoting Diversity and Inclusion at CJC 

At CJC, we believe in the power of diversity and inclusion to drive innovation and create a better engineering industry for all. Last month, on International Women in Engineering Day (23rd June), we organised a special event to celebrate the achievements of women in engineering where we discuss the importance of breaking barriers and fostering inclusivity in the workplace. Our team gathered for Morning Tea, followed by an engaging panel discussion where Dheavini Naicker, Sarah Stante, and Rachael Oertel, three exceptional female engineers, shared their experiences and insights on diversity and inclusion.

Dhe, with a passion for site engineering and experience in the Marine sector, emphasised the value of hands-on learning and applying multidisciplinary skills to solve real-life challenges. Rachael, who knew from a young age that she wanted to be an engineer, highlighted her experiences in various projects and her current focus on constructability. Sarah, originally aspiring to be an environmental scientist, found her calling on-site, embracing daily challenges, and finding innovative solutions in her work on numerous remarkable projects.

The panel discussion brought to light the importance of diversity in the workplace and the positive impact it has on creating a more inclusive engineering industry. Dhe stressed that diverse perspectives lead to a richer work environment, enabling teams to approach situations in different ways, fostering creativity, and ultimately increasing job satisfaction.

Sarah shared her journey as one of the few female leaders in the industry, emphasising the responsibility we all share in promoting diversity and bringing more women into leadership roles, which all start with the importance of ensuring equal opportunities for all graduates as they embark on their engineering careers. Sarah encouraged identifying and nurturing talent, providing growth opportunities, and learning from the experiences of other leaders as sources of inspiration.

The discussion also touched on the significance of involving men in conversations about diversity and inclusion. Rachel pointed out that collaboration between all is essential in creating an equitable work environment.

At CJC, we firmly believe that diversity is an essential value that drives innovation and success. Our commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion is evident in our initiatives, ensuring that every individual feels valued, respected, and empowered. Click here to learn more.

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