Major Project Wins for the Airports Team

It has been a busy first half of 2022 for the CJC Airports team!

Starting of the year, the team worked on Dubbo Regional Airport providing expert advice associated with airfield works integration and aviation requirements.

CJC Management Project Dubbo Airport

The scope of the project includes an extension of the existing apron adjacent to Bay 1 to create a new aircraft parking position and includes additional infrastructure changes to accommodate stormwater drainage, aeronautical ground lighting and floodlighting.

CJC is currently providing expert advice associated with airfield works integration and aviation requirements. This also includes supporting the design management, transaction management and general project management.

Next up is the pavement inspection for Cambridge Airport. Tasmania’s Cambridge Airport has been the primary site of aeronautics in Hobart since its opening in the 1920s, facilitating General Aviation and Charter flights.

Over the past few years, TAS Fire Services have used the aerodrome as a base for operating fire fighting aircrafts (rotor and fixed-wing) which has resulted in moderate damage to some of the pavements.

As a result, the CJC Airports team was engaged to undertake a site condition assessment of the aerodrome pavements. CJC provided a report which identifies the extent and severity of damage to airfield pavements and advises on the likely cause of the damage.

Most recently, our team has been engaged with the Sydney Airports team. We are engaged to develop a Civil Assets Manual, which would act as the reference document detailing the best practice and procedures for managing the maintenance of their civil assets.

As the CJC’s first major airport project, this is indeed a milestone. On top of this project, our Airports team was also engaged to provide independent advice on the current 5-year Airfield CAPEX Plan. We provided Subject Matter Expert advice on their airfield pavements.

“I worked at Sydney Airport for over 15 years, so it is good to go back and see it from a different perspective. It’s also a great opportunity for CJC to excel and will hopefully be the start of much more.” shares Paul Rubsov

Great job to the team involved! To learn more about how our Airports team can support your projects, learn more here.

CJC Engaged for the Easing Sydney Congestion Program

We are thrilled to share this exciting news! CJC has been engaged for the next five years to provide design and technical services for the Easing Sydney’s Congestion program, supporting GHD and Arcadis.

Our constructability team consisting of Matthew Smith, Patrick Deed, George Dalianas, Paul Rubsov and Craig Stoddart are keen to get started on this exciting opportunity to develop efficient designs for these important projects.

The team will assist in significantly reducing transport congestion and transforming Sydney’s road, freight and maritime network to meet the State’s future transport needs.

Leading the constructability team, we spoke with Principal Craig Stoddart about this exciting project win.

Can you tell us a bit more about your involvement in this project?

CJC Management’s involvement is to provide constructability advice to the Project Design Partner, Sustain JV.

What is the main goal of this project?

We want to work closely with the Sustain team to develop designs that can be constructed safely and efficiently, and with minimal impacts on the community and road users.

What excites you about this project?

Working with a large design team across a wide range of projects and different stages of development. We have the opportunity to assist in the development of projects from inception through to delivery.

As a Sydney native yourself, how significant of an impact will this project benefit our roads?

Very important! Traffic congestion is certainly one of the challenges of living in Sydney. It’s great to see the upgrades being proposed and the benefits each will achieve.

What does this project win mean to CJC?

Our engagement with Sustain JV is a recognition of CJC Management’s reputation and capability in providing constructability advice to TfNSW for many years now. The project will allow CJC Management to continue to develop and grow our team’s capability in this area.

Great What we are looking forward to the most is being able to contribute our expertise to a project that will make a difference to Sydney communities for years to come!

CJC Management Team Celebrates Opening of Westconnex M4 Tunnels

WestConnex[1] the 33-kilometre predominately underground motorway scheme currently under construction in Sydney, New South Wales opens its tunnels section known as M4 East on Saturday 13 July.

The M4 East stage began construction in mid-2016 and opened to traffic in July 2019. This is the second stage of this $16.8B project with the final stages, the M4–M5 link, the Iron Cove Link and the Sydney Gateway to be completed by 2023.

The CJC Management team, led by our Group Managing Director, Colin Calder, have been a key part of Westconnex Transurban delivery team providing construction management, surveillance engineers, quality engineers, post-approvals coordinators, project and site engineers to this project during the past four years.

Congratulations and thank you to the following people for their dedication and hard work that contributed to the success of this project.

Well done to every single one of the CJC Management team for the contribution they’ve made to the success of this project.

Video courtesy Westconnex.

Director, Colin Calder recognised as an Engineering Executive by Engineers Australia

Director, Colin Calder was this week recognised as a leader in the engineering field by Engineers Australia receiving the title of Engineering Executive.

As an additional level of recognition of his impact on the industry Colin will also hold the title of Chartered Engineer.

An invitation only opportunity, the recognition as Engineering Executive is a credit to Colin’s years of experience leading teams on some of the most complex projects around the globe.

Read more about Colin here. Congratulations Colin!