Sydney Metro marks another first – Australia’s first metro station open

As Australia’s largest transport infrastructure project, the Sydney Metro marked another significant milestone today. Tallawong Station, Australia’s first Metro Station, was opened in Sydney’s North West.

There to mark the occasion were NSW Premier,  Gladys Berejiklian and NSW Minister for Transport, Andrew Constance taking the first step off the driverless train onto the platform. Here is a sneak peak at Tallawong Station

Tallawong Station is the first of 13 metro stations to open as part of the Sydney Metro infrastructure project that the CJC Management team have been privileged to play their part in bringing to life.

Did You Know: Sydney Harbour Bridge

Did you know that 4.3million people cross the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Tunnel by car, bus and train every week?

The CJC Management team are working with Roads and Maritime Services on a range of projects to continue to improve accessibility to one of Sydney’s icons. Check out some of the projects we’re working on here.

WestConnex Continues to Progress

Another week, another milestone – further preparation works continued within the WestConnex tunnels between Homebush and Haberfield.

This stage of WestConnex is due to open early 2019 and progressing well towards opening date. The CJC Management team continue to play their part in getting this significant infrastructure project towards opening date. Thanks Sydney Motorway Corporation for the opportunity.

Photo: Sydney Motorway Corporation

Day in the Life: Ayman Sayegh, Senior Project Engineer

The life of an engineer is a busy one, this month we hear from CJC Management’s Senior Project Engineer, Ayman Sayegh shares with us what a day in his life looks like.

1. What is the first thing you do when you arrive at a job

Breakfast of course!! Always start my day with a healthy meal. Say hello to everyone in the office to let everyone know I am at work. I then check my email, diary & calendar, and start to plan out my day. If I am heading to site first thing, as always, safety first. I would speak to the site supervisor to understand the current risks of the site, ensure I have the appropriate PPE and plan out how I am going to carry out my work safely.

2. What does a normal day look like onsite?

I don’t think there is a normal day on site. Every time I visit the risks and hazards change. I mostly attend site to do inspections which involves accessing the site safely, giving way to other work activities and inspecting work in progress or recently completed works to ensure compliance to the relevant specifications of design documentation.

3. When you’re in the middle of a job how much do you collaborate with other contractors to achieve what you need to?

Day in and day out. I am in constant contact with the client, contractor, and certifier via various means such as in meetings, joint site walks, phone, email and electronic document systems.

4. What has been the toughest job you have ever worked on and why?

A Rail link job that involved constructing a 4km concrete viaduct with a cable stay bridge. The project from a technical perspective was quite complex with various engineering challenges. This then was combined with working with contractors who were not familiar with the environment, multiple companies coming together and multiple ways of working. I spent a lot of time and effort building, modifying and implementing a new business system and ensuring every new staff member was given a thorough induction into the system and the procedures I had set up.

5. What has been your proudest moment on the job?

That exact same project, whilst it started with a lot of challenges, really proved that persistence and sticking it out will help make it happen. Performing that inspection of the last aspect of the substructure works was a very proud moment.

6. What is the last thing you do on a job before your day is finished?

I write down some tasks for what I need to do tomorrow, followed by a quick clean of clutter and tidy up of my desk.

Sydney Metro Windsor Road Bridge Receives Global Best Project Accolade

The Sydney Metro Windsor Road Bridge has been awarded, the Global Best Project for the railway sector by US construction magazine, Engineering News-Record.

A major global design and engineering accolade, the award recognises the efforts of all involved in the construction of this amazing Cable Stayed bridge. For more on the award win.

Thank you to Sydney Metro for the opportunity for CJC Management’s team to play a part in this project.

Photo Credit: Sydney Metro

MILESTONE: Sydney Metro Driverless Train Test

Yesterday marked a historic milestone for the first fully automated rail system in Australia; The Sydney Metro NorthWest completed a successful test of their unique skytrains across the landmark railway bridge over Windsor Road. The railway bridge is a unique design and the first of its kind in Australia, built on a curve.

CJC’s Bridge team have enjoyed playing their part in the delivery of this iconic structure. Thank you Sydney Metro team for the opportunity.

Learn more about the test here.

Picture: Courtesy of Sydney Metro

SNEAK PEAK: Sydney Metro North West Tunnels

Sydney Metro – World first diamond cross-over

Castle Hill: 7 News can reveal a world first that's been built deep underground. It's a critical part of the trackwork for the driverless trains of the Sydney Metro system. #SydneyMetro #7News

Posted by 7NEWS Sydney on Sunday, July 15, 2018


Take a sneak peak through the Sydney Metro Tunnels’ – the CJC Team are proud to be a part of the collective bringing this project of world firsts to life.


Sydney Metro’s Mega Tunnel Boring Machine is on its way

CJC Management are proud to be working with Sydney Metro bringing Australia’s largest public transport project to life. The project will change the face of public transport in Australia’s largest city.

Just in the last week the Sydney Metro Mega Tunnel Boring Machines were sent on their way to site. These machines will have an enormous impact – spanning the length of 2 AirBus A380s they will commence tunnelling in the coming months.

Take a look at the machines and the work they will do here

REPORT: Global Infrastructure Hub Investment

Independent group the Global Infrastructure Hub released a report in 2017 outlining where the world needs infrastructure investment to sustain and support the predicted population growth over the next two decades.

With a suggested $94 trillion in investment required the spend is widespread. Check out the details of the report and where the spending needs to happen.

Did You Know: Greatest Engineering Wonder of the World

Did you know? The Ferris Wheel is considered one of the greatest engineering wonders in the world?
The first Ferris Wheel was created by Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania engineer, George W. Ferris, in 1893. The wheel is supported by two 140-foot steel towers and connected by a 45-foot axle — the largest single piece of forged steel ever made at that time.

Whilst our focus is on complex structures and major infrastructure projects the CJC Management team collectively have a wealth of engineering experience that they bring to every project they work on. To learn more about the team.

A word from the Australian Minister for Infrastructure and Transport

Michael McCormack, the Australian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure and Transport shared an insight into the future of Infrastructure in Australia in the latest edition of Infrastructure Magazine.

The next decade is an exciting time for infrastructure in Australia and in the Minister’s words “will see a major transformation of Australia’s land transport infrastructure networks and will secure productivity and prosperity across our nation.”

Read the full article here.